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Hear From Leana, one of our members

The ROI Inner Circle is where serious investors go to grow their portfolios, the first step is earning six-figures, and the next step is scaling to seven-figures!

The ROI Inner Circle is where serious investors go to grow their portfolios, the first step is earning six-figures, and the next stop is scaling to seven-figures!

What Is The ROI Inner Circle?

The ROI Inner Circle is an elite group of like-minded Real Estate Entrepreneurs who are “in the trenches” doing things NO ONE else is doing... investing in rental properties all across the country... and living the life they’ve always wanted!

And we want YOU to be part of this exclusive group!


Alex - "Added $800k to my net worth in 2 years"

"Within about 3 months of going, taking some classes, reading a few books and asking a ton of questions of Jennifer, Deena, Cody and other folks, I pulled the trigger on an out-of-state BRRRR from the list.
Since that 1st property closed in May 2019 I have been able to be invested in two states (OK and TN), and I just closed on my 28th door a few days ago.
With these last set of doors, the proforma cash flow should well exceed my 5 year goal, in about half the time, of $5,000 a month.
More importantly it has added more than $800k to my net worth!"

Kandy - Increased my assets by $235k+ in the first month

“In Sept Kandy went under contract on a 4 unit after being in the community for just a month. increased her assets by $235k+”

Jo - "Made my first commercial offer in two weeks"

“In two weeks, I found private lending partners and made my first commercial offer"

Randy - "From 0 to over $300k in less than 6 months"

In 2.5 months of joining the community, Randy and his wife Bevin closed on 2 fourplexes and a 10 plex. Now, 5 months after joining, they are on track to finish the year with 70 doors. They’ve gone from 0 to over $300k in annual rents in less than 6 months.

JENNIFER BEADLES - Real estate investor, Founder & CEO

I’m Jennifer Beadles. Together with my family, we are living the day to day of a financially independent family. And it is all thanks to rental properties.
We used to put in 60 hours a week and paid a fortune in taxes, but we made a decision to invest in buying rental properties. A few short years later, the rental income was enough to cover all of our expenses and fund the lifestyle we wanted. We now own and operate just shy of 300 rental units across 8 different states.
We will teach you how to do the same! You'll learn how to find, finance, fund and operate properties regardless of where you live.

Your 12-month journey to financial freedom includes:

  • Weekly 1:1 Calls
  • Three Group Calls Monthly
  • ​Daily Deals Emailed Directly To Your Inbox
  • ​On Demand Training Videos To Help You Move Forward
  • ​Upgraded VIP Access To All Events
  • All The Contacts You Need To Build Your Investing Team​

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