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Looking To Generate 6 or 7-figures in Annual recurring income...?

We Will Work With You One-On-One To Help You Find, Fund, And Grow Your Rental Portfolio Over The Next 12 Months. 

The ROI Inner Circle Community

Is The Ultimate Step-By-Step “Short-Cut” For Investing Success

  • Proven Framework For Success, saving you years of trial and error

  • One-on-one calls to help you get unstuck and building momentum

  • Accountability groups to keep you on the right path

  • ​Networking opportunities with millionaire real estate investors

  • ​Daily deals directly in your inbox

  • ​Laser coaching with monthly group coaching calls

  • ​Become an expert at deal analysis with our monthly deal analysis call

It's everything you need to become a millionaire real estate investor!

How Is This Different From Other Programs?

We’ve tested and tried NUMEROUS paths... including the most treacherous ones and found a PROVEN model for scaling to 6 and 7-Figures in annual recurring revenue.

We know that education + implementation + coaching + accountability is the path to success.

Other programs may provide a course, but no one-on-one coaching, or coaching but not deals. We provide coaching, courses, deal flow, networking opportunities, and so much more! 

All you have to do is put one foot in front of the other... and join us inside the ROI Inner Circle today!

Even If Right Now, You Can’t Say You 100% Believe In Yourself... 

It’s OK.

We were all there at one point, too... and that’s why I created the 

ROI Inner Circle: a group of hardcore believers that do nothing but champion you across the finish line!!

When You’re Part Of The ROI Inner Circle Community:

We Not Only Mastermind, We Also Form Long-Lasting Relationships And Memories Together!

Here’s A Glimpse Of What You Can Look Forward To When You’re Part Of The Group!


Coaching To Keep You On Track

Get advice from experienced investors actively investing in today's market. We offer three days a week to self-schedule one-on-one calls (subject to availability) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Value: $12,000


Become A Deal Analysis Expert

Want to learn how to analyze any deal quickly and confidently? Jump on our monthly live deal analysis call where members bring deals they're working on and get real time feedback. 

Value: $6,000


The laser coaching you need

Is group coaching more your thing? Jump on our monthly group coaching call and bring your top questions, or maybe be a fly on the wall and hear the questions and answers from the group. Either way, you're sure to walk away having picked up something new.

Value: $6,000


Deal Flow On Auto-Pilot

Imagine waking up to an inbox full of deals... and you didn't have to make a single phone call or do any kind of outreach. We know your time is valuable so we've leverage our longstanding relationships with the best Investor Agents in the country to bring you on and 

off-market deals saving you hours every week!

Value: $6,000 


Experience Massive Growth

We know the best way to grow us to challenge yourself. As a member you get VIP backstage access to our quarterly 3-day challenges designed to level up in one particular area of the business. Do you accept this challenge..?!

Value: $6,000 


Rub Elbows With Millionaire Real Estate Investors

Be prepared to meet some new besties inside the ROI Inner Circle. Seriously...many of our members have not only forged new friendships, but there's been partnerships, job offers, and funding going on inside the ROI Inner Circle.

Value: $15,000+ 


Transformative Mastermind Weekend Events

We host three weekend mastermind events a year - attend one or all three! This is your chance to fully immerse in all things lifestyle design and get to know your fellow ROI Inner Circle members! 

Value: $15,000+ 


Deal Finding Software

ROI Inner Circle Members receive access to Jennifer's Deal Finding software, DoorProfit. Stop spending hours searching overpriced listings only to come up empty handed. DoorProfit scans listings and shows you only the deals that make sense, saving you hours every week. 

Value: $1000+ 

TOTAL VALUE: $67,000

Limited Time Offer: $5,000 for 12 Months

You won't find individual coaching, access to deals, networking opportunity, and personalized feedback anywhere else! If you're serious about earning more and building wealth, this opportunity is for you!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Hear From Some of Our Incredible ROI Inner Circle Members

Additionally, When You’re Part Of The ROI Inner Circle,

Not Only Do We All Study Hard, Bounce Ideas Off Each Other, And Execute At A High Level...

What We Learn We Share With Everyone Inside The Group...

...and we also share incredible, bonding experiences where we can connect, network, and create long-lasting relationships!

Relationships are the KEY to a thriving business...


As you probably saw from the video above, the ROI Inner Circle is an elite group of like-minded Buy & Hold Real Estate Investors who are “in the trenches” doing things NO ONE else is doing... building their own investment portfolio... and living the life they’ve always wanted!

Why I created the ROI Inner Circle Community...

I was getting hit up CONSTANTLY by people who have been trying... and trying... and TRYING to break into real estate investing but for whatever reason, they just haven’t cracked the “code” as of yet...

They had “some” success buying properties... but they feel like there’s a “lid” that’s stopping their growth... and they’re wondering... how can I go faster?

When all is said and done... and you’re hyped like I am to have my properties funding my lifestyle, the energy can only sustain you for so long...

Pretty soon, you start wondering if there's more you can be doing, and others who are feeling the same way you are... craving MORE out of life and wanting to PLAY A BIGGER GAME. That's exactly what we do inside the ROI Inner Circle.

The ROI Inner Circle is where serious investors go to grow their portfolios, the first step is earning six-figures, and the next stop is scaling to seven-figures!

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